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Sorry, Livejournal. Its not you, its me... actually, it is you. I have moved on to post on more tumblry pastures... but dont worry. I will keep your account alive to read my friends post, or until you become retro again.

It's be so fun. Hope we get to do it again sometime.

A persimmon named Sharon

Greetings from The Compound

So, I have officially been on the compound for a week and a day. I am finally unpacked and feeling more settled because of it. I'm having difficulty regulating my schedule- mainly because no one goes to sleep around here until midnight or after. But, things are well and aspects (such as having a hot tub in the back yard and receiving lots of puppy kisses) are agreeing with me tremendously.

Highlights of country living:
-Watching my "little" brother catch a 47 yard pass at the Franklin County High Football Game. It was the first time they had thrown a pass to him and it was miraculous. So proud.
-People are trying to teach me to play bridge. So far, my original assessment of the game is correct... There is this rule and that rule, but it only applies when this happens, except for when that happens, but make sure that you are doing this unless this or that is the case. My head is spinning and all the people I'm playing with are card sharks, so I'm pretty much hosed.
-Been logging alot of time down in the "Man Cave" playing ping-pong with my brother. Which is great, because it facilitates some great conversation. My skillz are getting better, but I need to develop a killer offensive move like Russell's. His is called, "The Decimator". I'm thinking mine will be known as, "The Defecator". Just trying it out.
-My dad and I have been getting outside almost everyday and walking. The weather is beautiful and crisp so the walking is so pleasant. It makes us both feel good and we just chit chat the whole time.
-I've been failing miserably on keeping up with all my television shows which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Things have just been too busy but when I do find time, I am pretty much convinced that thanks to hulu and individual network sites, cable has almost become obsolete.

I'm heading off to the coast tomorrow with my grandmother for a long weekend to visit family and friends. The cell signals are pretty sporadic, so I'll be out of pocket for most of the time. There are a million and one things that I miss about Chicago, but its hard to be sad when there is so much going on around you... and did I mention there is a hot tub?!

Smell ya later, Chicago.

As today is my last day of work, I suspect its time to drop the bomb on my internet community. On September 26th, I'm leaving Chicago to move back to Georgia for a few months. My parents are graciously providing room and board and since I havent lived at home since I was 15, I think this could be a blast. Added bonus, its my little brother's senior year in high school, so being home for such an important time in his life is priceless. Even cooler, this time at home is going to give me ample opportunity to spend some quality time with my grandmother and my goal is to archive/digitize our families photos and memorabilia.

I'm really jazzed about re-connecting with dear friends and family. I think this is going to be a really special time for me. With the promise of Skype chats and frequent visits, kaynorr has consented to let me go and we're going to try this whole long distance thing. Any of you who have done it before and have tips, let us know. Leaving Chicago and Josh is going to be difficult, but who knows what amazing things lie in my future. And like all other places close to my heart, I know I can always come back.

I have intentionally allotted myself two weeks between today and my flight home for knocking around and doing things on my Chicago Bucket List. Locals, if you are interested in joining me for any of these, let me know! Obviously, some of these are things that I've done before but would be remiss to not do them again before I head out.

My Next Two Weeks:
Glessner House Tour
Holding an Estate Sale
Going to:
The aquarium
Trader Vics
Bistrot Margot
Hot Dougs
The Art Institute

and, of course,
and Slackin'.

I'll keep you posted on my two weeks of funemployment! But, thanks for everything, Chicago! No matter what happens next, its been an amazing 5 years...


Season five is RAPIDLY approaching and excitement is in the air. What? You cant smell it?! Impress These Apes runs every Monday night at 8 p.m. from June 7th - July 26th at Comedy Sportz. Whats that you say? Yes! It is an earlier run than normal. We're doing a summer season, and the first challenge is a doozy!

The eight pitiful humans have been tasked with creating an anti-comedy routine... with special guest judge Andy Kaufman’s sister, Carol Kerman! The winner will also receive a bonus prize of performing their routine at the TBS Just For Laughs festival! Holy Cow!

As always, the contestants this year are the cream of the Chicago crop. And I encourage everyone to check out the show which is consistently in the "TOP COMEDY SHOWS IN CHICAGO!!" catagory. If you DO want to come, let me know and I can hook you up with some ticket deals (two-for-one).

Check out the website for contestant blogs, fantasy apes, and videos!

See you there!

We Are The Enemy

You couldnt pay me enough to be 17 again. However, when I was 17, I WISH I could have been as cool as my "little" brother, Russell. Here he is, with his band Native Enemy, playing their "anthem".


Better call Saul!

I dont know if it is kosher to post a magazine article without permission, but the below article from Entertainment Weekly combines three of my favorite things: Breaking Bad, Bob Odenkirk, and questionable legal advice.

Stay tuned! I've got a couple posts simmering (crafts! 30th birthday retrospective! season 5 of apes!).
Golden Girl

Jingle Contest

An online Improv community that I check on a regular basis had a posting for a jingle contest for Oreo Cakesters. As anyone would, I followed the link and checked out the rules. There are two jingles that they currently have- one about dunking cakesters and the other about, well, not- and they want you to create your own take on either camp. So, after reading all the fine print, I actually listened to the two jingles (*performed by former American Idols- natch*). Give up the dream now, kids... because there is no way it could be performed any better than it already is.

NEW FAVORITE JINGLE ALERT! Click the 'Non-Dunker' option!