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10 September 2010 @ 10:07 am
Smell ya later, Chicago.  
As today is my last day of work, I suspect its time to drop the bomb on my internet community. On September 26th, I'm leaving Chicago to move back to Georgia for a few months. My parents are graciously providing room and board and since I havent lived at home since I was 15, I think this could be a blast. Added bonus, its my little brother's senior year in high school, so being home for such an important time in his life is priceless. Even cooler, this time at home is going to give me ample opportunity to spend some quality time with my grandmother and my goal is to archive/digitize our families photos and memorabilia.

I'm really jazzed about re-connecting with dear friends and family. I think this is going to be a really special time for me. With the promise of Skype chats and frequent visits, kaynorr has consented to let me go and we're going to try this whole long distance thing. Any of you who have done it before and have tips, let us know. Leaving Chicago and Josh is going to be difficult, but who knows what amazing things lie in my future. And like all other places close to my heart, I know I can always come back.

I have intentionally allotted myself two weeks between today and my flight home for knocking around and doing things on my Chicago Bucket List. Locals, if you are interested in joining me for any of these, let me know! Obviously, some of these are things that I've done before but would be remiss to not do them again before I head out.

My Next Two Weeks:
Glessner House Tour
Holding an Estate Sale
Going to:
The aquarium
Trader Vics
Bistrot Margot
Hot Dougs
The Art Institute

and, of course,
and Slackin'.

I'll keep you posted on my two weeks of funemployment! But, thanks for everything, Chicago! No matter what happens next, its been an amazing 5 years...
lhn on September 10th, 2010 04:18 pm (UTC)
I'm really sorry to hear you'll be leaving, but hope you have a great time in Georgia.

I can see of a few things on your list I wouldn't mind tagging along on if your plans turn out to permit (starting with Trader Vic's, and maybe a restaurant in honor of Supper Club).

But one suggestion (which you may already know if you've been there): for Kuma's, you should probably keep the party small if possible, since they don't have a lot of even medium-sized tables. Two is probably optimal, while I can tell you from experience that a party of five on a weeknight can be faced with a two-hour wait (one and three quarters in actuality, but only because the party before us swerved first).

(A modular group, willing to split up among tables, is another option.)